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Mar 25, 2018

This week we went all retro and philosophical (or maybe Matt watched too many Black Mirrors in a row) and we thought about all the non tech and electronic things we just couldn't live without.

In our Weekly Weird Wupdates we have the US government ignoring UFO sightings because no one wants to be the "UFO guy" in...

Mar 22, 2018

So this week we found the 7 most common complaints from customers and how a manager should respond.  And Matt will tell you why that's all bollox!

Then Adam has a rant.

Tis a good one!

As always thanks for listening, sharing and all that other good stuff, we'll catch you again next week.

Feel free to get in touch with...

Mar 20, 2018

This week we thought about how we'd fare out if we had to go to prison, and then what we'd have to do to survive.

It's not pretty.

In our Weekly Weird Wupdates we have a study that reveals how a voodoo doll of the boss will improve staff morale, and a psychiatrist who was treating gay patients was having sex with...

Mar 15, 2018

This week we focus on some stuff that you've sent us. We have an email from Barry telling how he's finally making his shitty job work for him.

And an email from a concerned customer that a manager was being a bit of a dick to his staff.
So we answer both, it was a lot of fun.

As always thanks for listening, sharing and...

Mar 11, 2018

We all say sorry for lots of things, and most of the time it's things we probably shouldn't have to say sorry for.  So our Top 5 is all about those things, what we shouldn't have to apologise for.  Do you agree with our list?

In our Weekly Weird Wupdates we have a man who was charged with meatball theft just because he...