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Oct 29, 2017

So it's obviously Hallowe'en this week so we thought that for once we'd actually be topical and feature our Top 5 Worst Ideas for Hallowe'en costumes!

Most of them are "sexy" versions of things that shouldn't be.  A sexy sex offender for example?  It'd be scary anyway!

Then in our Weekly Weird Wupdates we have racist...

Oct 22, 2017

So this week, we wondered about all the times in our lives that we just threw our hands up and declared "fuck it..." in either a good, bad or indifferent tone.  Do any of our examples match yours?

In Weekly Weird Wupdates we have learned that it's now legal to liquify a body in California and what a time to be alive it...

Oct 15, 2017

So you know the story, Room 101 is a place to put things that you don't want in the world anymore.

This week for a special episode Matt and Adam are joined by comedians and friends of the show Gary Lynch and Rob Coyle, and Paddy Dunne.

We've no Weekly Weird Wupdates, or Would you rather, but we don't think you'll miss...

Oct 9, 2017

So then this is our 100th show!

We always said that our last show would be Top 5 fingers, but instead of that we have our own personal favourite Top 5 lists that we've done so far!

So we've got...

Top 5 ways to mess with people

Top 5 Erotic Fiction titles

Top 5 Magic Spells we'd make up

Top 5 Personal wins

Top 5...

Oct 5, 2017

In this new pilot series, we try to pitch each other (and you) our movie ideas and just for fun we decide if it's a good idea to green light them or not.

Matt wants to give John Travolta a fresh start in a creepy thriller and Adam reckons he could start world war from a podcasting studio as his plot.

Pitch us your ideas...