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Jul 31, 2017

This week we look at the best one line parts that have been in movies, and the ones we'd love to say in a movie.  (Just in case anyone's listening who can make that happen...)

In Weekly Weird Wupdates we have a customer who demanded money back for Butternut Squash that wasn't cheese and Amazon reckon that we'll be...

Jul 26, 2017

This week we have another listener email about his own experiences working as a waiter.

Adam looks at things that have become cliché'd in restaurants and Matt has another entry in his diary, this time about a man who can't communicate with other human beings properly.

As always thanks for listening, sharing and all...

Jul 23, 2017

Ok, so it might sound self serving, but every now and again instead of just complaining about everything we like to reflect on what's good in life.  In particular our lives and then maybe help others reflect on what's good in their own lives.

Cos it's good for the soul.

Then in our Weekly Weird Wupdates, we have a story...

Jul 18, 2017

This week Matt's focused on a customer who faked an allergy just so that something wouldn't appear on her plate.

It's hard to believe that a grown person would act so childish, but anyway!

Adam does some actual research to find out what people complain about most and we discuss whether or not those complaints...

Jul 16, 2017

What would you do if you work up tomorrow as a multi-billionaire?  How quickly would you turn evil?  For Matt, it wasn't a question of how long, it was just how far he'd go to test the limits of his own humanity.

Yeah, we got deep.

We have a man who got the world's most shameful tattoo, all in the name of coffee.