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Sep 23, 2015

So this week we do Top 5 Would you rather questions... And apparently Adam would do Matt if he had Scarlett Johansson's face. Weekly weird wupdates, fake facts and more!

Sep 19, 2015

This week it's our favourite cartoons from our childhoods, and of course the ones we didn't like. A man dresses his penis up to look like Donald Trump and Matt finally wins a point in Fake Facts. It's a good one!

Sep 9, 2015

We discuss movies that we've never seen before, and probably never will. Adam gets a little upset about the movies that Matt has yet to see. Plus the world's largest penis in Weekly Weird Wupdates and more...

Sep 5, 2015

Top 5 Celebrities we'd fight. Matt gets very angry about a certain Irish celebrity. We probably shouldn't bring it up again.